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Secretary (ACTING) - stephan langella

How did you get involved with HCB?

I had heard of "the bears" some 25 years ago when visiting from Brisbane. 20 years later and after a failed marriage, someone said "the bears would love you". I needed a social life so I checked it out online and just turned up. I definitely found my tribe. I'd been involved in volunteering for homeless services around Darlinghurst as well as volunteer initiatives in my profession. It just made sense that I'd put my hand up for something at Harbour City Bears . I'd volunteered on the door occasionally and eventually took a crack at Mr Harbour City Bears . At that stage I'd decided if I didn't win that I'd put my hand up for a committee role. I came second (bested by the amazing Adam Cooney) and was successful in being voted on to the committee.

What do you do as a committee member?

I joined the committee to do PR & Social media which has been a lot of fun as well as doing a lot of the graphic design duties. So I spend a bit of time trawling the web for Bear related content to repost and/or feature. I've also undertaken to streamline our backend systems (let the giggles begin!) to provide a solid foundation for the committee's and club's activity. I've also rebuilt a new website and recently launched the online store.  Currently working on an exciting online Harbour City Bears  history project that Zoo Davies - Volunteer Coordinator is spearheading .

What’s the best thing about being on the committee? The worst?

The best thing is having the trust and confidence from the committee to make a meaningful contribution to our community.
The worst is dealing with in person or online, those who are quick to judge and slow to listen. It can really steal your vision and energy if you let it.

What would you say to someone who is thinking of getting involved with HCB?

Do it for sure. If anything it will give a greater exposure to the wonderful diversity of humanity that is our community and there is always something more in life to learn!

What do you do in between your HCB commitments?

First and foremost I'm a part time dad to a 12 year old daughter.  We watch a lot of Marvel, Drag Race & Steven Universe together as well as learning digital illustration together.  For work, I run my own consultancy for virtual/digital construction services and my background and still passion is architecture.  I chair and do PR for an industry group that promotes the use of innovative technologies in design & construction.  I am also involved in running a support & social group for bisexual men... Phew!

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