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vice president - sam bo

How did you get involved with HCB?

At the time I was a member for 9 years, and thought it was time to give something back.

What do you do as a committee member?

Vice President.  Supporting the real President "Cameron", and seek/look after Bear Benefit providers as well as look after our new webstore.

What’s the best thing about being on the committee? The worst?

Since being on the committee, I have met some lovely people, even good friends, I've learnt so much and I've also had the chance to share some of my knowledge and experiences with others. The worst is dealing with critics who can't be arsed to make a difference and seem to be entitled. Its everyone responsibility to keep our spaces, socials and events enjoyable and safe for everyone.

What would you say to someone who is thinking of getting involved with HCB?

YES! If you have the time and energy then for sure. The commitment pays with smiles and thank you's.

What do you do in between your HCB commitments?

Run my own IT Company, Share my time with my partner, Gardening "Vegies & fruit", home improvements projects, Bunnings, family and of course coffee and drinks friends.

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