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Keep up to date with latest news about Harbour City Bears and the wider Bear community here!

  • 08/06/2020 23:26 | Anonymous

    Hi all,

    feels like its been ages since Bear Essentials & Mardi Gras. Thought we'd take some time to let you know who's on the committee and what we do for the Harbour City Bears.
    Over the coming months we'll be dropping a profile on each committee member so keep an eye out for those.
    #WashYourHands #StaySafe

  • 29/05/2020 14:25 | Anonymous

    Hey Bears,

    How unbelievably ecstatic and relieved are we all that our two home bars Kinselas & Bank Hotel - Newtown will both be re-opening from June 1st??

    Obviously restrictions still apply and it may still be some time before we can gather again under the Harbour City Bears banner (Our weekly events easily have over 100 persons in attendance at any time). #StaySafe out there, Keep #WashYourHands and #ShopLocal.

    Please be assured that the Committee continues to monitor the situation and we will recommence events asap. As communicated via email to all members, your memberships have been extended for the period of the shutdown thus all expiry dates on membership cards are incorrect. We will communicate more on this in due course.

    From 1 June pubs, clubs and restaurants to have up to 50 customers, subject to a one person per four square metre rule, and with strict physical distancing guidelines. More at

  • 25/05/2020 00:04 | Anonymous

    The torch has been passed! We’d like to thank Daniel Marshall for his help as Membership Officer since the AGM last year and announce that Committee member David Langdale has now taken over as Membership Officer.  David will be processing all renewals and new membership applications, and will also be looking at streamlining and simplifying what has been a very manual process.

    This is also a good opportunity for Harbour City Bears to make sure everything is up to date, so if you're missing your membership card please email Membership and make sure your postal address up-to-date in your Profilemembership applications, and will also be looking at streamlining and simplifying what has been a very manual process.

  • 22/05/2020 16:06 | Anonymous

    Wow! Andrew & Manuel... and the dad is quite a bear too

  • 22/05/2020 00:21 | Anonymous

    Would you like to be more socially connected online? Are safety and security issues holding you back? Would you like to know more about online technologies?

    Due to coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions and physical distancing, many older community members are experiencing increased social isolation. ACON’s Love Project - Living Older Visibly and Engaged wants to understand the best ways to communicate online with older LGBTQ+ people.

    Is it easy for you to be online, what is your level of knowledge and what are some of the challenges you experience? Understanding your online needs and preferences will help us deliver better programs and activities.

    Complete their survey here ➡️

  • 18/05/2020 12:31 | Anonymous

    "On behalf of the committee and members of the Harbour City Bears, I would like to give a massive THANK YOU to all of our volunteers. We couldn't do this without your hard work and enthusiasm!"
    President - Harbour City Bears

  • 16/05/2020 18:20 | Anonymous
    National Volunteer Week starts on Monday 18 May.  Volunteers Australia have launched a very special video featuring their Volunteering Champions as they use their voices to help spread the message that volunteers around Australia really are CHANGING COMMUNITIES. CHANGING LIVES.
  • 08/05/2020 10:29 | Anonymous

    The outbreak of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) may lead to stress and anxiety for some of us. Feeling overwhelmed by strong emotions during times like these is totally understandable. Coping with distress and fear in a healthy way will help ensure that you, your loved ones and everyone in our communities stay strong and resilient during this time.

  • 08/05/2020 10:26 | Anonymous

    For those tumbling on to the gay scene for the first time today, it might be tempting to think bears have always been with us. However, although gay bars – both underground and overground – existed for much of the 20th century, the commercial bears scene is a more recent phenomenon.


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