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Volunteer profile - DALE APPLE    

How long have you been volunteering for HCB, and what prompted you to start helping out?

Been a volunteer for about 2+ years, and when I moved here in 2016 from the USA I joined the bears as a social group to assist in meeting new friends and getting acquainted with the locals.

What kinds of things have you done as a volunteer? What are you favourite shifts?

Mostly worked on Door Staff for events: Friday Socials at Kinselas, and a few other events as ticket takers/cloak room, Fair Days too. My fav shift was ticket taker for 3 Levels of Fur! I had lots of fun, even though it was a struggle to get people into the event.

What's the most ridiculous thing that has every happened to you while volunteering?

I've been felt up (willingly), and had some odd photos but nothing too ridiculous. I'm pretty vanilla!

What would you say to someone thinking about volunteering for HCB?

Volunteering is fun, low level commitment, and a really great way to meet the membership! Give it a crack as it's only a few hours/shift, and you can volunteer as often as you'd like!

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