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Christmas Message from Dear Leader

24/12/2020 19:22 | Anonymous

Season’s Greetings, Bears!

It’s nearing the end of 2020 and what a challenging year that it’s been for us all, looking back it was lucky that we got to have the splash of Bear Essentials fabulousness in between the bushfires and the pandemic. After this year I never want to hear the word “unprecedented” ever again.

Unfortunately our community has been kept physically apart because of government restrictions, put in place for our own health and safety. We were hoping to have things up and running by Christmas but here we are, having to delay things again for the time being. But, it has been wonderful to see everyone helping each other, supporting one another and keeping contact within the community virtually. Soon we will be holding our Friday night and Sunday afternoon HCB events again, and we will be participating in the Mardi Gras Parade being held at the SCG in 2021, so keep your eyes out for the details coming soon!

On behalf of myself and all of the committee, I want to wish all of you a very happy holidays, and all the best for the new year 2021. See and/or speak to your family and friends where possible, spread love but not germs, wear your masks and make sure to have at least 1 food-coma over the 

coming week.

Also, let’s make 2021 everything that this year wasn’t!

Love, Woofs and Bear Hugs from your President,


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