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20 May 2021 11:03 | Anonymous

The current and past Harbour City Bears committee members are so sad at the sudden loss of a beautiful man who made such a solid contribution this community. Our condolences to his partner Brett and family.

Hospitalised three and a half weeks ago, Philip died unexpectedly due to completely unforeseen complications 14 may 2021. Funeral details below.

May we always take heart from those that have taken a stand before us. Thank you for leaving your stamp on the club.


Sydney Star Observer - APRIL 20, 2008

Sydney’s Harbour City Bears (HCB) have introduced a partner membership option as a way of pressuring all levels of government to recognise same-sex relationships.

Group vice-president and membership officer Phillip Penwright said the move was a way for HCB to show it was serious about partner recognition.

“It’s a show of solidarity from our members,” he said. “We have all been trying to get federal and state recognition for our relationships – this is one way the Harbour City Bears can stand up and hopefully get us all a step closer.

“We have already had over a dozen couples say they plan to take up partnership membership.”

The new partner membership will cost $50 for a couple. Previously membership was $30 per person. Concession memberships are also available.

HCB members and a couple of more than two years Mick Perry and Tony Grant said the membership change was a step forward.

“Being in a committed relationship and not having to present ourselves as individuals, but as a couple, is a big step in the right direction,” Tony said.

“Recognition for who and what we are within our society will bring awareness to all government and statutory organisations.”

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