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NEWSLETTER - January 2021

4 Feb 2021 23:21 | Anonymous

Check your inbox for January's Harbour City Bears Newsletter. Mardi Gras Parade update, Woof in the Woods, etc...


If you don't see it there, drop us an email at

Also... Facebook have done a total sloppy seconds on us. It has removed our page from anyone's feeds for 30 days. We also connot post to the Social Group for 30 days which is why I'm posting under my name. Facebook did this over an identical post that was made over a year ago on the Social Group.

On the Social Group they allowed us to challenge their findings and apologised and restored the post.

On the Facebook Page we were afforded no such recourse and have been sentenced to thirty days FB jail.

We are still posting to our page during this time and you can go to it directly here

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