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Bears Donate Their Own Packer Whackers!

06/12/2021 10:05 | Anonymous

Kerry Packer, was resuscitated with a defibrillator in 1990 in Sydney after suffering a heart attack. After recovering, Packer donated a large sum to the New South Wales Ambulance Service in order to fit all of its ambulances with portable defibrillators.

Inspired by this, the Harbour City Bears have donated a portable defibrillator and wall bracket to both of their home bars, Kinselas & The Townie . Whilst noone would ever hope to have to use it, it is always there in case of emergency for all patrons at any times.
Club secretary, Stephan Langella presented Jarra Nelson, Venue Manager of Kinselas theirs this past Friday night 3rd December whilst club president, Cameron Murray presented Michael Hoyle, Licencee of the Townie this past Sunday 5th December.



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