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It with great disappointment that Harbour City Bears has had to announce the cancellation of this year's Bear Pride - 25 Years + Proud program of events. We are still 5 weeks from it's start, however with today's announcement of at least a 2 week extension of lockdown conditions, it is the only responsible course of action open to us. Of course our plans are only shelved and we look forward to bringing our plans for events to fruition for our members and community one day soon. The most important event of course, Mr Harbour City Bear 2021 will still need to take place in some form in the future. We will release further details on this as they becomes available."

Committee - 14th July 2021

We will be contacting all ticketholders directly and actioning refunds except in the case of Bear Pit where they can hold on to those tickets and redeem them at the next Bear Pit party.

Whilst we endure the weeks to come, be kind to yourself and those about you. Stay connected in the ways you know are best and healthiest for you. We'll endeavour to keep you in contact with Bear community and culture thru our monthly newsletter and social channels.


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